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Alien Frens
opensea Alienfrens

Hello there, fren!

“Alien Frens is a community driven collection of 10k randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Their goal is to build the biggest group of frens in the Metaverse. 1 Alien Fren NFT that provides one with not only an awesome PFP and a lifelong frenship with 10k other Frens, but a ticket to the IRL events, invasions, Exclusive Merch, Comic Books, and more. Oh, and all of this is only for Version 1.0 of the quarterly roadmap. Ready to be beamed up?” -AlienFrens Profile Description on OpenSea.




AlienFrens Discord: https://discord.gg/jbhgVQJFjt 

Owning an Alien Fren makes you a part owner of the community & it is very exciting to be in a project so terrific! DigiModels first became aware of the project through the StarCats NFT project @ https://twitter.com/STARCATSNFT 


Digital Marketing Mastermind, Gary Vee, has been retweeting #AlienFrens, as well. Some may consider this a bullish signal