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Welcome to the First #DigiModels Newsletter! Completely Free & just thoughts about happenings & goings-ons about what is important to me. In this article, I contextualize a bit of #DeadFellaz history, an #NFT collection I bought into in September of 2021. The project truly made an early impact on my perception & understanding of what is technically feasible in the #Web3 MetaVerse! The Exclusive DecentraLand event with Live Music by Steve Aoki & others, the DeadFellaz held in their Castle location was the most fun I had in a long time, and it was Digital!

When I attended #NFTNYC2022 this past month, I met so many awesome frenz of mine while simultaneously enjoying the atmosphere, drinks, & live music. It was such a blast & I look forward to the event next year too!

Now, for the DeadFellaz summarization:

DeadFellaz is a popular NFT collection of 10,000 digital art pieces of undead creatures featuring unique outfits and traits for each. The floor price for this collection is 1.2 Etherum ($1,191) and there are currently 6.4k owners, Digimodels included. At https://opensea.io/devinmichael you can see the DeadFellaz owned by Digimodels and explore the different offers on some today!

In mid August of 2021 is when DeadFellaz first became public and their audience and influence has grown ever since. Events across the U.S. have brought owners together. After they reached their new & large audience over time, DeadFrenz was released in February of 2022. This gave more opportunity and NFTs for the people who already owned DeadFellaz by giving them a DeadFrenz.

The community on Twitter has been very active & people are interacting with fellow DeadFellaz and following hastags and giveaways all the time. The space is open for anyone interested in NFTs as many popular creators reach out to those in the community. Digimodels is one of the many creators in the DeadFellaz and NFT community on Twitter which has given us an audience of over 5,000 followers.

The variety in each and every DeadFellaz makes them unique and gives them the price they have today. Digimodels and other members in the space have connected and invested in this NFT collection and opportunity for online success with business that will only continue to rise and garner more influence and a larger audience across the world.

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