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Welcome to another edition of the DigiModels NewsLetter, Friends!

Starting off with video games, everyone is able to download and play the Sims 4 game, on multiple platforms including Mobile, for Free via this link! This may be the anticipation of the new Sims 5 game Project Rene playtesting to begin on October 25th.

Check out this URL for more deetz! Are you excited about Halloween? It appears Nintendo is, as they recently released a new promotional video of Luigi’s Mansion 3! Check this webpage out to observe the video!

McDonald’s is bringing back a classic staple for Halloween, the plastic face pails for Happy Meals! How fun, but what about the Adult Happy Meals?!

If you’re a Fast Food Fan, check out the latest from Arby’s regarding their Smoked Bourbon! Want some? Too bad, they’ve sold out in less than two days. Keep your eyes open for restocking!

It appears McDonald’s is teaming up with Krispy Kreme donuts in Louisville, Kentucky. For those who read this AND live there, try it out & tell us your assessment on Social Media!

If you’re in the market for a new car, look no further than the Rolls Royce All-Electric Spectre $400k ride! Vroom vroom, there goes all my monies Haha I think I’d rather buy a house or a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Which would you buy, if you had/have the money? Let me know on Twitter & Tag me in your post.

If you can afford that car, then you definitely can afford the new Apple iPad, now with a bigger screen & USB-C connection Whoa!

Lastly, on a sober note, Microsoft quietly laid off one thousand of their employees Yeesh! This seems to be a regular occurrence for large corporations when the government begins Quantitative Tightening, Interest Rates increase, the money supply shrinks, strategies change, & the bottom performing 20% get fired. DigiModels finds it best to perform to the best of your abilities, no matter if you work for yourself as an entrepreneur or for someone else.

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-Devin Davis \ Oct. 23rd, 2022