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Welcome to another Sunday edition of the DigiModels NewsLetters Friends, Happy you’re here with us!

DigiModels.us isn’t on the Social Media platform TikTok, but if you are, then you can add a robotic voice to read text prompts set by you! Just follow this link for more information about it.

Are you a daily commuter & frequently attend Zoom calls on the road? Well, if you own a Tesla, then get hyped because video conferencing from your car will soon be a real possibility, just check out this website for the latest.
Are you a gamer? The Steam Deck is a $399 gaming hardware platform for portably playing your favorite PC games purchased via the Steam game-hosting platform. Check out the following link to observe the ten best accessories needed to optimize your experience these holidays!

Dungeons & Dragons fans will be interested to know that ESPN recently ran a segment regarding the brand, look into it here!

As usual, being the cybersecurity-conscious professionals we try to be, please regularly check & update your Chrome browsers (we know you’re using them cause we are as well). Why? This 0-day vulnerability may leave your machine compromised.
If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, the Pixel 6a is only $300 unlocked! Pretty sweet deal, but as a Samsung S20+ daily driver, I think I’ll wait until the new release of Samsung devices before upgrading.

Do you invest in the stock market? If so, consider investing in Visa, which just posted a 20% dividend! Talk about being bullish in a mostly bearish market!
If you’ve been following the Kanye West drama, it appears Adidas has decided to end its partnership with the controversial rap artist over his recent antisemitic remarks. Words matter to people, especially when it affects people’s lives & social psychology.
Does all of this ridiculousness cause anxiety inside you? Try going for a run! This latest article shows the benefits of reducing anxiety feelings by running & swimming. I always feel better after a good run. How about you? Tell me on your favorite social media platform by tagging me!

It seems James Gunn has been officially named as one of the heads of Warner Bros. DC studios! Hopefully, something great comes out of it! Who are your favorite WB characters?

This Guardians of the Galaxy video with Kevin Bacon has us cracking up with laughter! Tell us what you think!

Okay FRENZ, that’s all we have for you this week! Apologies for missing the last couple of posts as we’ve been busier than usual with the recent Deadfellaz.io party in Los Angeles!
-Devin Davis (DigiModels) 11/13/2022