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Welcome to another edition of the DigiModels NewsLetter, Friends, Happy you’re here with us!

Welcome, DigiModels fans, to another edition of the DigiModels Newsletter, bringing you the freshest updates on Digi’s life and global events. By day, Digi, our star, applies his system engineering skills to the Defense industry. By night, catch him live on Twitch.tv/digimodels and Youtube.com/@digimodelsus, where he dominates in thrilling GTA Online adventures.

News Summary:

  • Weather Updates: Tornado watches and severe weather have caused thousands of flight delays on the East Coast, and at least 2 deaths due to storms in the eastern U.S.

  • Political Developments: Updates on the Situation in Niger, including reports on instability from various news outlets; high voter turnout in Ohio on a GOP ballot question; LA city workers’ strike impacting public services.

  • National Interests: President Biden to establish a national monument around the Grand Canyon; Trump’s defamation lawsuit dismissed; intense voter turnout in Ohio; Chicago girl, 8, killed in a shooting; Maryland police find the body of missing mother Rachel Morin; Atlanta preparing for possible Trump indictment; Ron DeSantis speaks on Trump’s 2020 loss.

  • International Affairs: South Korea evacuates scouts ahead of typhoon; chaos along the Montgomery riverfront; China-Philippines dispute over grounded warship intensifies; developments in Ukraine, including a foiled assassination plot against President Zelenskyy.

  • Unique Events: Woman hospitalized after a rare shark attack in Queens; Understanding Russia’s situation in Ukraine; South Korea evacuates scouts due to typhoon; Wild brawl erupts in Montgomery.

  • Environment and Social Issues: Governments working to protect the Amazon; Riley Gaines and activists attacked at ceremonial bill signing in Texas.

Stay tuned to our channels for more exciting news, insights, and entertainment!

-Devin Davis (DigiModels) 8/8/2022