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Just when people thought the markets & economy might be making a comeback, companies around the U.S. begin their evolution into laying off a portion of the workforce.

Microsoft, Twitter, & Oracle will be slashing, or “reorganizing roles & teams”, by reducing approximately 20% of underperformers! It may be time to start being more effective at the business you support, if you want to retain sustainable employment in objectively more challenging times.

Such is the nature of business with the eb & flows of ever-evolving markets contingent on the Demand & Supply of an uncertain society. Hopefully, everyone is considering being laid off or quitting a position at some point in the future, be it ten to thirty years even. Regarding reliability & dependency, it is paramount to begin & continue investing while simultaneously identifying potential avenues of profit and revenue.

Investing in a company 401k (max $20.5k per year) or an I.R.A. (Individual Retirement Account/max. $6k per year) can nicely accumulate into a decent sized nest egg you may withdraw from during retirement. Note that I emphasize the word “during” and that I didn’t state it as “at”. Your investments are not a lottery ticket to cash out at the end of your career! Imagine the penalty in taxes!

I personally invest 15% of my income into my company 401k which is completely allocated to the S&P500. This fund has an extremely low expense ratio, only $4 for every $10k!!!

Although Microsoft is laying off up to 1% of it’s workforce, now may be an excellent time to buy shares in the company, as most of the market is on sale.

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Devin – 7/12/2022 – DigiModels