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Welcome to another edition of the DigiModels NewsLetter, Friends!

Happy Sunday Frenz, & welcome to another edition of the DigiModels Newsletter!
Today we are covering a wide range of topics ranging from the latest graphics card & Adult Happy Meal to the Edit feature on Twitter & Tesla’s Ultrasonic sensor replacement. Enjoy!
Have you seen the latest Graphics Card by NVIDIA, the RTX4090 Founder’s Edition (FE)? Are you planning on buying one? If so, you may want to review the dimensions of your enclosing case, as this particular piece of hardware is gigantic!
DigiModels is loving enabling capabilities provided by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and it appears Adobe is integrating “Adobe Elements” into their line of products, as well. As an Adobe subscriber, I have been considering purchasing this software, as it may be considered a tax-deductible expense for the business. Let us know if you plan on purchasing the products for $149.99 monthly.
Regarding the National Debt limit in the U.S., it appears we’re breaking records again, and not in a positive way. What do you think, tell us on social media!
Twitter Blue subscribers were selectively being provided with a feature to enable editing of one’s own Tweet. It must be edited within the first 30 seconds after posting though. DigiModels has edited a couple of tweets already, have you?
Elon Musk seems to be on track to complete his acquisition of Twitter, meanwhile, click here to see the latest in its stock price.
Tired of hearing about the Adult Happy Meal by McDonald’s? We’re not. Here is a detailed analysis provided by one blogger stating the calories, price, & critique of the nostalgic new SKU. Have you bought one yet? We have not, but will!
Getting hungry? Maybe try the Kentucky Fried Chicken wraps! Mac and cheese, fried chicken wrap? lmao, Count us in! Or maybe you want to get your Canine (Dog) friend a free Sonic Wag Cup throughout October, & check out their merch shop to keep your pet warm.
It looks like Tesla will be changing the Model 3 & Model Y Ultrasonic sensor capabilities, in favor of “Tesla Vision”. Would you ever attach a gas-powered generator to the back of a Tesla? Trying to watch YouTube videos in 4k? It sounds like everyone may be required soon to upgrade to their Premium Plan to continue doing so.
The New Mario Brothers movie trailer dropped and will star Jack Black & Chris Pratt. Are you planning on seeing it? Tell us on #Twitter!
Microsoft bought Blizzard for $68.7 billion Wow! They’ve even created an Xbox website to tell us about all of the benefits of the deal. If you’re a fan of Destiny 2, then you’ll be happy to hear Bungie will make elusive seasonal weapons easier to find. If you’re more of a Minecraft fan, checkout this webpage to see how you can contribute to the community via voting.
DigiModels recently started our Audio version of a new series of podcasts, covering search engine optimization, entrepreneurship, business, digital marketing, sales, digital advertising, content creation, & video sales letters. Even Yahoo is recommending starting your own podcast, to help your brand’s discoverability & reachability to your target audience.
Thanks again for checking in with us & we look forward to catching you next time. Share this Blog with your favorite social media platform & tag us for more engagement! Take care.
-Devin Davis | 10/9/2022