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Stock Market

The United States Stock Markets have been reaching All-Time-Highs (ATHs) in November 2021. Throughout a pandemic, high rates of unemployment, & record levels of federal debt, American companies continue to rally the value of their stocks to levels never before witnessed.

Some may say that the cause of this is the highest rates of inflation in the last 31 years. Inflation may be the derivative of the Federal Reserve printing trillions of dollars in order to fulfill the tremendous promises politicians tend to stack throughout their campaigns.

To mitigate capital risk, it is recommended to diversify one’s financial portfolio in multiple sectors throughout multiple regions of the world. Cryptocurrencies provide another pool of opportunity to invest in, however *this is not financial advice*. We are not financial advisors & will not provide suggestions on how to allocate your budget.

Be that as it may, many have benefited from investing in their employer-provided 401k Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). The S&P 500 index aggregates the top companies & tracks with their performance in gains. Another interesting new & rising asset class are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs are forms of digital art whereby the creator is able to collect a defined transaction fee each time the NFT is purchased & transacted on the blockchain. The, now infamous, Beeple recently sold his NFTs for $69 million!

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