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Welcome to another edition of the DigiModels NewsLetter, Friends!

Lots of events to cover in this exciting post, so make sure to check us out at digimodels.us.

The latest iPhone 14 has been officially released & apple stores are packed with lines outside the doors. Click here to see how it compares to the latest competition Smartphone models. Do you need to cancel an Apple subscription? Click here to see how to specifically unsubscribe using the platform. It seems the latest iOS version is already breaking the GPS functionality capabilities of the phone! If you’re someone who frequently & regularly forgets their passwords, consider setting up PassKeys!

In regards to #NFTs & #Cryptocurrencies, CoinTelGraph believes the MetaMask wallet needs updating. Were you an early adopter of the Sony Playstation Virtual Reality Headset & Games? Well, it appears the next VR headset of theirs will be unable to play the older games! Click here to find out more! Do you on a Meta Quest 2? Then check out the latest Half-Life 2 Mod, people are raving about it!

Are you into Video Games? Epic Games has added Blankos Block Party to it’s Store, so go grab it today! Interested in Zelda? The latest game narrative may provide some much-needed answers Fans have been desiring for a while now. Here is the Top 25 IGN list of Video Games, so tell us which one is your favorite on Social Media! The DigiModels favorite is TMNT! If you have been considering purchasing a Steam Deck Dock, take heed & read the article to see what users are saying about it now.

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-Devin (DigiModels) September 18th 2022