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Welcome to another edition of the DigiModels NewsLetter, Friends!

Happy Sunday Frenz, & welcome to another edition of the DigiModels Newsletter!


Hello & Welcome to another edition of DigiModels.us NewsLetter!

Are you interested in Augmented Reality (A.R.) Technologies? If so, check out this “real-time, data-driven AR telestrator” used recently at an N.F.L. game to illustrate player movements and additional metrics.

Are you an Instagram user? The platform recently released a Notes taking feature, which may be found in the DM section. Check the article for more instructions.

Kim Kardashian agreed to pay a fine by the S.E.C. (Security Exchange Commission) for not reporting income received for sharing a post about a specific cryptocurrency. She was paid $250,000 for the post & received a $1.26 million fine.

Are you a community member who participates in Intermittent Fasting? Elon Musk is claiming this is how he purged up to 20 pounds in a very short amount of time.

A delivery drone carrying cargo ran into an 11k volt power line in Brisbane Australia, causing a blackout for thousands! Would you be upset if you heard this company was the reason you won’t have electricity for hours?

Are you ready for the new Electric GMC Hummer? Starting at around $80k, it seems like a fun ride, eh?

If you’re interested in Pokemon Go, it appears there is a newly timed feature called Elite Raids! Check it out and let us know your thoughts by tagging us in your post on your favorite social media platform.

Anthony Hopkins recently released a collection of NFTs, which sold out in minutes, of cinematic images from his movie career. Maybe buy one on the secondary market?

That’s all we have this week Frenz! Join us next Sunday for another edition covering the latest trends in Business, NFTs, Gaming, & much, much more.

-Devin Davis / C.E.O. / 16October2022 / DigiModels.us