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Are you and your friends or family hungry? Well, it appears Mcdonald’s is bringing back Pokemon cards to Happy Meal purchases.
Hopefully, Google hasn’t deployed their Robots yet, as they do not seem viable to inherit the responsibilities of a Mcdonald’s employee. Why, one may ask? Because from this article, the robot believes the entire ketchup bottle belongs on the burger, as well.
If Google cannot get Robots to understand complex sandwich making, then should we trust them to track us via our Mobile phones, also? In Australia, Google accepted a $60 million fine for illegally collecting users’ location data.
If that concerns you Australians, then hopefully by 2029, you can book a 6.5 hour trip from Sydney to Los Angeles via American Airlines supersonic jets! How cool would that be, saving so much time in the commute?
Australians looking to stay in their home country can celebrate a new supercomputer simulation accurately depicting the sequences of a exploding star.
That’s the DigiModels Newsletter journey this week, frenz! Look forward to posting again soon.
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