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Welcome to another Sunday edition of the DigiModels NewsLetters Friends, Happy you’re here with us!
If you’re a science fan, check out this video of NASA Admin. Bill Nelson breaks down what’s next for Artemis, the recent mission to the moon! If that doesn’t light your fire, perhaps the news of Apple returning Silicon production back to the U.S.A. What are your thoughts on the topic? Tell me on social by tagging DigiModels!
Supposedly, Taylor Swift is hot, what do you think? Are you a Nintendo junkee?! Well, it appears all Power issues are now available online! Check them out here. If you’re playing the new Pokemon Violet and Scarlet, and curious about which story to choose, watch this video explanation. Speaking of, Pokemon Go fans are not happy about Niantic’s latest apology, navigate here to observe the drama!
Are you a Sony + Playstation + Virtual Reality advocate? Per-Orders are open for the PS VR2 now, go here to learn more. Here’s a fairly good deal for the Bose QuietComfort 45 (DigiModels prefers Sony!)
Do you like Fake News?! Well, apparently Elon is in sad guy mode cause he won’t have enough employees to fire by Christmas! If you’re interested in how much of each Technology company laid off workforce, lookey here! lol, Waze is going bye-bye, absorbed by the Behemoth of Industry, Google > Alphabet.
Here is a rare photo of X, Elon’s kid with Grimes. If you’re interested in what the latest trends are in Sports, Football, Soccer, etc, click here now!
Finally, thank you for reading & staying tuned to DigiModels.us Frenz. I appreciate each of you & look forward to our next blog post! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!!
-Devin Davis 12/11/2022